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2012-4-27 - advanced test

Ангилал: Grammar Test

Advanced English - Grammar Test 1 Decide whether the sentences below are grammatically correct or incorrect 1.My mother who is a librarian works a lot. 1.  Incorrect 2.  Correct 2.We bought a sixth packet. 1.  Correct 2.  Incorrect 3.According to me, Jack is not very clever. 1.  Incorrect 2.  Correct 4.Would you mind to tell me your name, please? 1.  Incorrect 2.  Correct 5.Where is the book what I got for my birthday? 1.  Incorrect 2.  Correct 6.All I can do is to call the police. 1.  Correct 2.  Incorrect 7.Tom suggested that Mary go to university. 1.  Correct 2.  Incorrect 8.We were to have tea here. 1.  Correct 2.  Incorrect 9.She is a most energetic woman. 1.  Incorrect 2.  Correct 10.I don't like tea, too. 1.  Incorrect 2.  Correct 11.Would you rather I did it? 1.  Correct 2.  Incorrect 12.Jane asked me if I would tell her the truth. 1.  Correct 2.  Incorrect 13.Try as he might, he won't find it. 1.  Correct 2.  Incorrect 14.I was waiting for you but you never came. 1.  Incorrect 2.  Correct 15.She shouldn't have broken that glass. 1.  Incorrect 2.  Correct 16.But I did do my homework! 1.  Incorrect 2.  Correct 17.They can have opened the window. 1.  Correct 2.  Incorrect 18.Jane suggested to go to the theatre. 1.  Incorrect 2.  Correct 19.Walking in the garden, it began to rain. 1.  Correct 2.  Incorrect 20.Never have I seen such a beautiful girl. 1.  Correct 2.  Incorrect

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