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2012-4-27 - assessment test

Ангилал: Grammar Test

 Grammar Test 1.Did our teacher provide __________ for us? much handout many handout many handouts 2. The school's problems _____ various. was were is 3. All my friends live _____ North Lincoln Street. in on at 4. I'm new to this job. What exactly ________ do? I have to do I have to I had to 5. If she _______ about his financial situation, she would have helped him out. had known knew have known 6. The weather today is even _______ than yesterday. bad badder worse 7. I haven't been to London _______ three years. for since while 8. If you need the car in the afternoon, I ______ shopping in the morning. go would go will go 9. Before I (go) _____ to London, I (not / enjoy) ________ learning English. go - have not enjoyed went - have not enjoyed went - had not enjoyed 10. On the Roman Emperor visit, the Roman soldiers (tell) ______ him that Pictish tribes from Britain's north (attack) _______ them. told - had attacked tell - had attacked told - have attaked

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