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2012-4-27 - Test 3 /intermediate/

Ангилал: Grammar Test

Grammar Test 3 1. I am slow to _____. express my opinion/ express my viewing/ make my views /make my opinion 2. I have to have this report finished _____. by Friday until Friday Friday before Friday beginning 3. We were fortunate enough to visit the Grand Canyon. It has _____. beautiful scenery that is much many beautiful landscapes many beautiful sceneries much beautiful scenery 4. The car was parked directly _____ the diner. before ahead of in front of preceding 5. The ski resorts are usually crowded. There are many people _____ skiing. enjoy that enjoying who enjoy who enjoying 6. It is already 3 o'clock. Can you _____ time to catch the bus? have enough have it in make in make it in 7. I went to have my glasses _____. fit fitted fit on fitted on 8. Mary's house is _____ the hair salon. Do you think you can find it? along near to against next to 9. The burning stick was very hot. He let _____ just in time. alone it go alone it go it go of it 10. Do we have _____ money to last us the week? a lot of plentiful plenty of enough 11. John decided _____ golf on weekends. to begin to commence to take up to start up 12. It _____ to me whether we meet them or not. makes no difference makes not a difference is indifferent is not a difference 13. We were  _____ after all the hard work. wear out out worn weary out worn out 14. We saw _____ wild animals while on vacation. quite a few quite much quite many quite some 15. They are late as usual. I don't think we should _____ them. await for wait for await on wait on 16. Are you _____ the competition? enter going entering go to enter going to enter 17. You had better _____ the tourist information office. inquire at inquiring at inquire to inquiring at 18. Ireland was part of the UK, _____? didn't it wasn't it hasn't it weren't it 19. They will be _____ at the party. present presents presenting at present 20. Will they go _____ this summer? swim to swim swimming to swimming 21. The New York police were very anxious _____ about the crime. more learn learn more to more learn to learn more 22. Many excited women could _____ at the department store sale. seen be seen be seeing be see 23. The sink in the locker room  tends to _____ . flow overflow flow over over flowing 24. How long did the baseball game _____? last endure survive continue 25. We must _____ the annual board meeting tomorrow. attend attend to attend in attending

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