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2012-4-27 - Reading text for elementary

Ангилал: translation texts

A Girl in Rain  The taxi driver finished work about nine o’clock in the evening. He was tired and he wanted to get home quickly. On his way home it started to rain heavily. He saw a girl under a tree near the road.  The next village was four kilometres away.“Perhaps she wants a lift in my taxi,” he thought.  He stopped the taxi and asked the young girl, “Do you want a lift home?” “Thank you,” she said, “but I haven’t got any money.” “That’s OK. I don’t want any money from you,” said the taxi driver. “I live in the house on the hill,” said the girl. The girl got into the taxi and the taxi driver drove her home.  He went to the house and knocked on the door. An old woman opened the door. “I drove your daughter home-here she is.” “What?” asked the old woman angrily. “My daughter died five years ago under a tree.” She went back into the house and closed the door in the taxi driver’s face. The taxi driver turned round to ask the girl some questions, but she wasn’t there. He never saw her again. Questions: 41.     When did the taxi driver finish work? _____________________________________. 42.     Where did he see the young girl? _____________________________________. 43.     Did he drive the young girl home? ________________________. 44.     What did the girl’s mother tell the taxi driver? ________________________. 45.     Did the taxi driver see the young girl again? ________________________.

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