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2012-4-27 - test 4 /elementary/

Ангилал: grammar test for elementary

FINAL EXAM   A. Choose the right answer.( 2 pts. Each)   1.        Richard and I _______ friends. a.  is b. am  c. has d. are 2.        Bob and Jack are ________ . a.  English  b. France c. Russia d. Greece 3.        “What is ______ name?” “Caroline. She is my cousin.” a.  your daughter b. his c. her d. its 4.        Rafael is from _______. a. Turkish b. German c. Japanese d. Mexico 5.        What’s your _______ name? _____ name is Robert. a. wife’s /Her b. sister’s/His c. son’s/His d. brother/ His 6.        My aunt is _____ holiday. You can’t visit _____. a. on/her b. at/her c .at/him d. in/her 7.        This dictionary isn’t expensive. It is _________. a. difficult b. small c .cheap d. old 8.        ________ is your mother’s dentist? “Mr. Chopper” a. What b. Who c. How d. Where 9.        He is a very ________ man. He has thirteen jobs. a. old b. boring c. busy d. mean 10.     __________ doesn’t serve drinks. He designs buildings. a. An interpreter b. A postman c. An architect d. A pilot 11. How________ milk ____ there in the fridge? a. many/is b. much/ is c. many/are d. much/are 12. They _________ and get _______. a. chat/ married b. chatted/engage c. fell in love/married d. marry/ fell in love 13.     What time do you go ____bed? ______ 10 o’clock. a. of/At b. to/At c. for/On d. in/At 14.     The course begins ______ 12 November and ends sometime _____ May. a.on/in b. in/on c. in/in d. at/in 15.     My father doesn’t work _____ CIA. He works _____ a bank. a. on/for  b. at/for c. in/at d. for/in 16.     Maria ________ early; she gets up late. a. don’t get up b. isn’t get up c. doesn’t get up d. didn’t get up 17.     ________ do you do ___ Sundays? I play football ______ my friends. a. When/ in/ at b. What/in/at c. What time/on/in d. What/on/ with 18.     I don’ t _______ playing football, but I like ________ football match. a. like/ watching  b. liking/watch c. like/watches d. liked/watching 19.     They never ______ to school early. a. goes b. don’t go c. doesn’t go d. go 20.     I usually work _____ the evenings but I stay ___ home ___ Saturday evenings. a. in/at/ on b. on/at/in c. in/at/at d. in/in/on 21.     There aren’t ______ books on the shelves. a. isn’t  b. some c. any d. are 22. A: “Excuse me! ___ there a post office ____ here?” B: “Yes. It’s over _____. a. Is/ far/here b. Are/ near/there c. Isn’t/ over/here d. Is/ near/ there 23. Where ______ your father born? a. were b. did c. was 24.     There ________ a good film on TV last night, but there _______ nothing good today. a. was/ is b. wasn’t/ is c. isn’t/ is d. was/isn’t 25.     _________ can help you. You must do it yourself. a. Nothing b. Everybody c. Nobody d. Somebody 26.     A: “Do you always watch soap operas on TV?” B: “Yes. Everybody in my family ________ them.” a. watch  b. to watch c. watches d. watching 27.     ______ your sister use computer? Yes, she can. But not very well. a. Could b. Can c. Did D. Has 28.     I ______ read when I ______four. a. can/was b. could/was c. could/were d. can/were 29.     A: “Why ________ you go to school yesterday?” B: “Because, I ______ a terrible headache.” a. don’t/had b. didn’t/ have c. did/ had d. didn’t /had 30.     I was very tired, so I ______ to bed early. a. went b. go c. didn’t went d. didn’t go 31.     When _______ the school ________ last year? a. does/start b.did/starts c. did/start d. do/start 32.     What _________ books do you read? a. kind of b. of kind c. kinding d. kinded 33. I’d like ________ orange juice. Is there _____ in the fridge? a. a/ some  b. some/ any c. some/some d. a/any 34. _____ you give ____ the bill please? a. Could/ me b. Can/I c. Can/ she d. Could/ I 35.     “_______________ a drink?” “Yes, please. Some Coke.” a. Can you  b. Do you like c. Would you like d. Can I have 36.     Istanbul is _____________ than Izmir. a. crowder b. much crowded c. more crowded d. crowdier 37. Who is the ___________ in your family? a. oldest b. most old c. old d. olderer 38.     Your flat is _______ and _________ than mine. a. more small/more expensive b. smaller/most expensive c. most small/more expensive d. smaller/more expensive 39.     A: “Whose is this jacket?” B: “It is ________.” b. me c. mine d. her 40.     The children usually _______ eggs for breakfast but today they _________ toasts. a. haves/eat b. have/ are eating c. are having/have d. has/is having  

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